Caritas Asia Subregional Workshop in Almaty

Three days of trainings within the framework of the Subregional Meeting of Caritas Asia (29-31.09) have ended. The Caritas Kazakhstan team met the guests, taking over the organization of the event. Representatives of Caritas Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Thailand and Kazakhstan) took part in the trainings.

The topic of the trainings was


All employees of the Caritas Confederation, as well as all those who, in principle, work with people in the humanitarian field, should be familiar with it.

Thanks to the #CaritasAsia team, which has many years of experience, we have gained valuable knowledge about the rules that we must comply with on a daily basis, not only as part of our work, but also 24/7, without forgetting that we are employees of an organization whose work is centered on CARE ABOUT A HUMAN.

We convey our deep gratitude to the Caritas Asia team and our sincere hope for a similar experience on a regular basis – in the future!

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