Charity event in Almaty.

We would hardly forget the charity event held in Almaty on May 21.

Children, their parents and together with them the whole Caritas Kazakhstan team experienced so many emotions together, from an unexpected meeting with the players of the football club Kairat @f.c.Kairat, from music, from the performance of children. We got an unforgettable experience of selling paintings at auction. Pictures painted by our children at a recent master class.

An evening like this doesn’t happen by accident, so all our thanks to @diali77 and @gizathe1st @charity_dokindness for the time, energy and enthusiasm put into organizing this amazing event.

With our modest presence, we wanted to introduce all the children of Kazakhstan who are looking forward to their dreams of access to education, decent work, and lively participation in the life of society.

The funds raised during the charity evening will help us strengthen our aspirations to serve our children more professionally and competently, both in Almaty and in other cities of the Country where we are implementing our #Project.

There is a lot of work to be done, but together we can do everything! Ақ жол!

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