“I AM PROUD OF MY JOB” – a guy with special needs became an Employee of the largest Airline of Kazakhstan

On the occasion of the International Down Syndrome Day, the editorial staff of the information portal “The Fifth Region” met and talked with an amazing family.

Nikolai Sinenko, 25 y.o., amazes with his friendliness. The guy who was born with Down Syndrome in Talgar (small city near Almaty), passionate about sports, has become participants in International Competitions in several countries around the world, and works, as he himself says, “at his dream job.” Once his family has got a message in a parent’s chat that the Caritas Foundation and one of the large Companies had an idea to organize a special Project and invite people with Down Syndrome to work. “We didn’t even know where we were going, all the parents refused, referring to being busy, or something else. Well, we went. You should have seen our surprise when Peter Foster came to the meeting and hired the largest air carrier in the country!”, Says Kolya’s mother Inna.

After a trial period in the office, not so long ago, Kolya was offered a transfer to a division at the Almaty International Airport. “I help passengers: I lay out the headphones for them. I am proud of my work,” the employee beams. “This is my uniform, this is the pass, it has my photo and my name on it!”

Once before the New Year, when, like everyone else, Kolya in a letter asked Santa Claus for the uniform of his favorite football club “Kairat”, one of the benefactors brought not only a personalized uniform, but also a dream ball autographed by his idol, Andrei Arshavin, who at that time was playing for Kazakhstani team. Now the guy goes to Sunday training only in it.

“Believe in your children, every child deserves support, and then success will come,” share the parents of the “sunny” guy whose dreams have come true.

You can read the full text of the article on the website of the “Fifth Region” editorial staff.

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