The Project, which was officially launched in the Caritas International network, and on the national territory through our social networks, called #STOP_COVID_KZ.

The goal of the project is to create a small network of contacts of doctors and medical institutions with whom we have already started cooperation, to initially meet the primary needs of people.

The project aims to be the first phase of a long-term health project that has been discussed over the past year and which should be developed beyond the needs of the COVID emergency.

For any questions that might help you, write to us.

The pandemic has set mechanisms in motion.

Pope Francis called on the whole world to unite in confronting the pandemic. Francis asked Godabout “strength and hope for doctors and nurses who give evidence of care and love everywhereto your neighbor, on the edge of your strength and often sacrificing your own health.

Pope Francis: “I hope for the revival of unity after the pandemic …”